The Stars of our Bars – Almonds! 

Hello snackers! Welcome to a new series of Gnash blog posts in which we talk a little bit about the fantastic ingredients that go into our delicious snack bars.  

In each post we’ll be putting one of the stars of our bars under the microscope and taking a look at where they come from, what nutritional benefits they offer us and how we use them here at Gnash. 

Today we are looking at one of our favourite nuts, the almond!

Gnash - Health & Nutrition - Almonds - 450 SQ

Where do They Come From? 

Although we think of almonds as a nut, they are actually a seed which grow on a deciduous tree native to Iran and other surrounding Middle Eastern countries.  

Almonds have been part of our diet for centuries and almond trees are now grown and harvested all around the world.  They are incredibly versatile, not only can the almond be eaten raw or toasted, they can also be used to make almond butter and almond milk.

Health Benefits

Almonds are a great source of fibre and protein and contain lots of important nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins; especially folate and biotin (vitamin B7).  

They are also high in monosaturated fat which helps the heart maintain healthy levels of good HDL cholesterol.  Like all nuts, almonds are a great way for vegetarians and vegans to get vital protein into their diet.

How we use Them? 

You can find almonds in both our Canadian Maple Bacon and Thai Sweet Chilli savoury snack bars.

In some of our recipes we use chopped nuts for a smoother textured bar, but with our current savoury range we’ve used whole nuts.  We like the crunchy texture the whole almonds give to our savoury bars, and we know that a lot of our customers like it too!

So there you have it! A little insight into the marvelous almond.  Stay tuned for the next installment where we will be casting an eye over another of our nifty ingredients.