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Who We Are 

Here at Gnash we truly believe that variety is the spice of life, and we’ve made it our mission to apply that to what we do. 

We’ve created a great-tasting range of snacks that are bold and adventurous, and we want to continue to devise unique and interesting new snacks for you to enjoy.

We are always working on new ideas and will always try to offer flavours that stand out from the crowd.

You can browse the full range of Gnash snacks here.

Healthier Snacking

Providing options for healthier snacking is something that’s very important to us.  We have made it our mission to ensure that all of our snacks have nutritional benefits as well as just being incredibly tasty. 

We use only the best high-quality, natural, wholefood ingredients when making our bars, so each one is packed with goodness.

Some of our range do contain a hint of natural flavouring, but only a smidge!

You can learn more about the ingredients that go into our snacks here

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We Care About You

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our snacks.!

All of our current range are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and we are working towards being able to offer gluten-free bars as well as snacks that are free from nuts.  Although at this point we are not yet able to cater for everybody, we are working incredibly hard to be able to do so, so watch this space! 

To keep up to date with new snacks being added to our range, you can join our mailing list or follow us on our social media channels. 


We love our planet and we are incredibly conscious about our carbon footprint.

All of our counter display packaging is fully recyclable and we are working towards all other packaging being recyclable as soon as possible.

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