Gnash Supports Essential Workers

Here at Gnash we want to support the essential workers in our community who are doing such a brilliant job in these difficult times.

We’re sending thousands of free snack bars out to workers across the North East and North Yorkshire to try and lift spirits and to say thank you for their efforts so far.

While all that most of us can do is follow government guidelines in an attempt to stop the spread and impact of the virus, our NHS staff, emergency services and key public services are battling the crisis head on, and we are extremely grateful to them!

Who We Are

Gnash is a family business based in Washington, Tyne & Wear.  In 2019 we began working on a unique and adventurous new range of snacks that would shake up the UK snack market.

We weren’t content with being like everyone else and offering only sweet and fruity bars, we wanted to offer savoury choices as well; so that’s what we did.  We’ve taken inspiration from all over the world to create our first range of snacks that stand out from the crowd and taste great!

All our bars are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are made using high-quality, natural, wholefood ingredients.  Healthy snacking is important to us, and we want to make sure we are creating snacks that aren’t just tasty but offer some nutritional benefits as well.

After spending so much time and effort devising, creating and preparing our product for launch, the Covid-19 pandemic stopped us in our tracks just as the first batch of product coming off the production line.

The impact of the global pandemic has left us unable to go ahead with our planned launch and unable to go to meetings with potential wholesalers and retailers.  After all our hard work, we have found ourselves with a warehouse full of snacks that we cannot go out and sell .  We were feeling a little helpless, but then we had an idea, why not make the best of a bad situation and support our community at a time when togetherness is really important.

Our Campaign

This week we are launching our ‘Gnash Supports Essential Workers’ campaign and sending boxes of snacks out to hospitals, emergency service stations, schools, Royal Mail depots as well as other public service staff.

Not only that, we have also made it possible for any key workers to purchase Gnash snacks at a heavily discounted rate from our website until the crisis is over.

In these uncertain times it is important for communities to stand together.  We want to make sure we are supporting those in our community who are going above and beyond to care for us, keep us safe and to keep vital services functioning.  We will never forget the great work they have done.