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Who we are

Here at Gnash we wanted to shake up the snack bar market by bringing bold and adventurous new flavours to all you snack lovers out there. 

We weren’t content with being like everybody else and offering only sweet and fruity bars, we wanted to do something completely different and give you savoury choices as well; so that’s what we did!

In 2019 we put together a team of fellow snack enthusiasts and set about creating a unique range of snack bars that stand out from the crowd and taste great!

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Snack bars inspired by flavours from around the world

What We Do

We’ve taken inspiration from all around the world to create a range of tasty snacks ready to tackle any craving. 

Whether you have a hankering for something salty, fancy a bit of spice or just want a bar that is bursting with fruity flavour – there’s a Gnash bar for you!

All our bars are made using high-quality, natural, wholefood ingredients.  When it comes to creating great-tasting snack bars, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because health is important, we want to make it easy for you to know exactly what goes into making our snacks.  You can learn more about the fabulous ingredients that go into making Gnash snacks here.

Keeping in Touch

We don’t like to play things safe at Gnash.  Our dedicated team of developers are always working hard in the kitchen to create the next tasty snack bar to add to our range.

If you would like to hear about upcoming flavours and offers you can sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

For wholesalers and retailers looking to stock Gnash snacks, you can get in touch with us here.  

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